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rant. because slater & his friends pissed me off.

Dude this is annoying. I’m not dating you. Stop treating “this” like a damn relationship. WE ARE JUST FRIENDS AND ALL OF A SUDDEN JUST BECAUSE I TOLD YOU I WAS FORMING A CRUSH ON YOU,YOU THINK THAT MEANS YOU’RE OUT OF THE FRIEND ZONE !? Like no bitch. It makes me uncomfortable to be completely honest and really annoyed.

You feel dumb for trying to get with me?? I’m sorry. Don’t act like we haven’t had this conversation before..I told you I’m not getting into a relationship. Im really sorry if hanging out with you on monday led you to think anything more.

You feel dumb for trying when your friends show you the things I do?? I’m sorry but who’s life is it?? Mine, that’s right. This is my life and although i appreciate everything that you do for me please don’t mistake my actions for anything but kindness. i am a senior who will be graduating in 9 months. i’m focused on what i need to be doing for myself and trying to make myself happy. I’m also single with no intentions of dating anyone any time soon no matter what i say or how i act. I DONT WANT TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP RIGHT NOW. So please stop trying to make me feel guilty for doing the things I do by bringing your friends into this because it’s stupid. it’ll only annoy me a lot. i will continue to live my life the way i want to….yea i like you a little. SO FREAKING WHAT. like that doesn’t mean much because i obviously don’t want to be serious with you or it would’ve happened already. The fact that your friends are concerned on how i live my life is ridiculous. i don’t know them and they don’t know me so if they see me hug another guy or flirt with someone else, that’s none of their business really. let me be happy. let me do me. just leave me alone really.

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